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How Secure Is Your Financial Future?

Did you know that 75% of retirees are depending on the government and other people to provide for their retirement while only 5% of Australian retirees are considered independently wealthy? According to recent studies it takes approximately $53,000 per annum for a retired couple to live comfortably and $31,000 per annum to live modestly. Unfortunately the old age pension is currently only $18,000 per annum.

The Choices You Make Now Determine Your Future. . .

Despite these proven statistics most people are still ignoring the facts and hoping their situation will be different. However to become part of the group of Australian retirees that are financially independent you need to start planning now. By taking responsibility and becoming proactive about your future you will be prepared when the time comes (and it will come).

So What Can You Do?

At AssetZ we show people like yourself how to reach financial independence. We look at your current situation and then determine a strategy to reach your future needs, wants and goals. Then we create a customized financial strategy for you that is easy to understand and follow. Plus we give you a solid education and coach you every step of the way. Most of our clients invest in property and this is the main way we’ve gained our own financial independence. However we realize that everybody’s needs are different and also provide strategies and support outside of property investing. At the end of the day we recommend what is best for YOU and we are not tied to any particular vehicle.

What Do You Do Next?

We recommend you read our free ebook 15 Moneymaking Ways To Buy Property In Australia. Even if you never plan to invest in property it’ll still introduce you to our stories (plus mistakes) and get you thinking about your financial future. bigcta

Thanks very much for helping us get our investment portfolio started.

Assetz made the process very simple and enjoyable for my wife & I to get started in the property investment game, your simple but informative explanation of how it all works made it very easy for us to understand and feel comfortable about getting started. It has been a dream of ours for a long time and to finally take the plunge and get started has been a big positive for Tara & I. We are keen to do another property but closer to home and will definitely be in contact when we are ready to continue our journey in property investment. We are very happy with the finished product and will certainly recommend Assetz to our family & friends. Tim and Tara Swann Sheidow Park, SA