12 Successful Goal Setting Habits For You

12 Successful Goal Setting Habits For You

Goals or some say Intentions are important aspects of life.

Of course, as important as achieving your goals is the importance of setting your goals properly to make it as easy to achieve as well. If you want to learn some goal setting tips, here are a few that you can use.

1. Create a specific goal. Like when you want to own a new car. State what you would like to have – its colour, model and brand, and other specifications. In that way, you are telling your subconscious what you will be working at and how much you should be preparing for that.

2. Devise lifetime goals. Try to cover almost all aspects your life, like career, family, spiritual, financial, education, etc., depending on which is of greater priority to you. This will make a more balanced coverage of all the important areas in your life.

3. Create a to-do list on the daily basis to achieve lifetime goals.

4. Be time conscious. All goals must be time-bound and track able. Rather than saying, ‘to tour the holy land’, say,’ to have a trip to the holy land within the month of December 2012′. This will make your goals more achievable.

5. Set realistic goals – something that you can really achieve. You might not like the hindrances that come with a goal that is too difficult. And it will all boil down to a disheartened you.

6. Prioritize what goals are most important and necessary, Goals that are also relevant to you or your family life. Not what you just think sounds good or something that sounds nice to you.

7. Stay focused as you keep your patience as you go along the path to achieving you desired goals.

8. Create goals that do not contradict with each other. When you want to buy a property worth a million in half a year’s time and yet you aim to work as an ordinary teacher, you can never realize both.

9. Have the strength of mind to pursue your objectives. Since you have decided on what you want to achieve, be mentally tough and prepared to face all challenges that goes with your aims. If at the start you feel your mindset is already weakened by thoughts of possible obstacles, then you maybe bound to failure.

10. Adjust and reset. When you have achieved an easier goal, try to formulate a harder goal next time. You are actually challenging yourself at making better achievement.

11. Relate one goal with the other goals that you wish to accomplish. Or else everything you have set will all be mixed up and none will be attained. Make sure each one does not overlap with each other. Goals must be related however, there must be no contradiction.

12. Reduce activities that could possibly interfere or even hinder you from completing your goals. Activities that require too much effort, finance or time, but that is not in line with the necessary steps you are making to reach or attain a major objective.

Lastly, perfect your communication skills; they are important tools in making or breaking your goals. When you want to achieve more, other people are also important in the process. For as long as you communicate with the right persons – reliable, and just as trustworthy as you are, then you are on the roadmap to success.

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