CEO and Founder Paul Douglas-Irving

Paul has had a keen interest in investments from an early age; after brief stints in sales, education and hospitality he found himself strongly drawn to finance related industries. Hitting his straps in consumer finance, Paul quickly moved into the money markets around the same time of the Australian float.

A product of a middle class background and without any exposure to an investor’s mindset or a financial mentor, he had many a failed venture and costly disappointments. It became obvious to him that investment strategising and planning was critical to achieve financial independence.

Qualified with a Diploma of Finance, Paul is also Finance Broker certified, a licensed real estate agent in both SA & QLD and has built several successful businesses.

AssetZ was conceived to assist the average Australian realise financial independence, manage risk and provide choice for their retirement. Paul is passionate about giving back, sharing his experiences and past lessons so that his mistakes will not be duplicated – let his successes and failures become your future wisdoms and a blueprint for your wealth plan.

Managing Director Paul Reid

Determined to break into the property market and wanting to take advantage of the existing FHOG, Paul purchased his first property whilst working for a major retail chain in 2001. A couple of years later, after reading and educating himself, he decided to buy an investment property with the mindset of having his money work for him instead of him working for it, using property as the vehicle to grow his asset base.

Over the coming years, Paul spent time in various Management roles with a leading retailer but he was seeking more time and flexibility to enjoy with family and friends. Paul also knew that the work until 60+ plan to retire on your super and pension was not going to provide the lifestyle he wanted. When his previous property mentor offered him a positon to coach and educate his clients in property investment, Paul jumped at the opportunity. Working closely with his clients and helping them achieve their property investment goals gave Paul a massive buzz, it also gave him the motivation to help many more people.

Fast forward 2 years and Paul was approached by Paul Douglas-Irving to join him in the start up and launch of AssetZ as a founding Director, developing the company’s point of difference by offering full service investment advice through strong research, good fundamentals and impartial strategic alliances. The growth and expansion of the AssetZ brand into Finance, Financial Planning and completing many developments has been very rewarding for both Paul and his growing client base.