A Brighter Future

brighter future
Client Details

  • Single lady aged 50
  • Professional
  • Track record of making bad investment decisions
  • High mortgage on large block with old home
  • Small superannuation,  little savings

Needed to plan for retirement without reliance on 3rd party handouts was confused about what direction to take and gun shy due to previous bad advice – AssetZ was referred by another client and made contact.

What We Did

  • Established budget and took out some bad debt with a refinance
  • Arranged feasibility on possible subdivision of property
  • Prepared cash flows and strategy reports
  • Co-ordinated design and council approvals of new properties
  • Instructed builders for quotes on design and arranged finance
  • Project managed to completion
  • Assisted with sale process

The Results

Client now has brand new 3 bedroom modern home with minimum mortgage after completing duplex and selling in open market, immediate benefit is less monthly outlay allowing client to implement savings plan, less stress due to less debt and benefit of having brand new modern residence for several more years – future options will be to downsize in a few years and sell current property which allows for a mortgage free principal residence with money in bank for retirement.

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