Escaping the Rat Race

Client Details…

  • Married couple early 40’s with 3 school age children
  • 1 income
  • Buying home , little superannuation, some savings

Couple frustrated with the tread mill of life – work, sleep, pay bills, work, sleep, pay bills etc wanted to become proactive about their future but had no idea where to start. Tried property investment got caught up with the negative gearing cycle which adversely affected their lifestyle, had no money and eventually failed – sold up and had nothing to show for their efforts. After licking their wounds (and sometime later) decided there must be a better way and sought help from AssetZ.

What We Did…

  • AssetZ did cash flows and strategies based on current circumstances and came up with a plan
  • Advised clients to rent out their residence and rent for 12 months this allowed tax effective debt and some mortgage relief
  • Arranged SMSF, rolled all funds from all past Super accounts into one and placed in cash deposit arranged insurances and income protection
  • Bought investment property using equity from residence , now tenanted
  • Introduced to AssetZ approved accountant who re-did past returns and secured sizable tax refund – this relationship continues today and has been extremely beneficial
  • Bought another investment property – positive geared

The Results…

Clients have moved back into principal residence with a reduced debt; they have a SMSF which is making money at 10% PA with a mix of secured no risk investment and cash, have 3 investment properties that are paying for themselves plus they get maximum tax relief via depreciation and accurate bookkeeping.

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