AssetZ launches its finance division AssetZ Finance and Loans.

 Finance for property investing is extremely important for the success of any investment strategy, maximizing leverage for the investor and ensuring securities are stand alone all play a crucial part in building a successful property portfolio.

Most mortgage brokers deal with owner occupied finance purchases and maybe 1 or 2 investment properties, however if a client is planning on creating an extended portfolio of 4 or more properties many mortgage brokers are out of their depth.

The type of loan , credit policies, bank servicing ratios, deprecation add backs , knowing which bank is lending in what areas all come into play when deciding where to place the application. It is not uncommon for an investor to have a number of loans with several financial institutions as against the common model of dealing with just one lender.

AssetZ Finance and Loans is not a shop front Mortgage Brokerage, it will remain 100% owned and operated by AssetZ and has been created to service the property investor market as we understand the different process required when sourcing funds to grow a property portfolio.

Through its Finance Manager Gay Trill, AssetZ has an Australian Credit License, full membership of the MFAA and COSL and is fully equipped and accredited to facilitate loan writing for our clients.

For any further information please contact us at or call Gay on 1300 ASSETZ 

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