AssetZ Sponsors Walkerville Cricket Club to Roxby Downs
AssetZ Sponsors Walkerville Cricket Club to Roxby Downs

Assetz was proud to be able to be joint sponsor the Walkerville cricket club on their end of season trip to Roxby downs for a 20/20 cricket match against the Roxby Downs Association team. Congratulations must go to the Roxby All stars for outperforming Walkerville on the night and taking the first of what we hope to be many matches against each other.

The Walkerville boys enjoyed 16 hours of travelling on the team bus to experience what Roxby had to offer and special thanks to Jason Schell from BHP for the Olympic Dam tour and accommodation. Jason was also happy to give some of the Walkerville boys a free lesson in how to play the local golf course, which most of them spent more time in the red dirt then on the green fairways!

Simon Buckley above was named best player for Walkerville.

As part of the trip away the club was able to have a tour of the Olympic Dam mining facility and also hear some of the massive numbers that are going to be coming from Olympic Dam expansion. It is very clear the mining at Roxby Downs is going to add some massive benefits to the surrounding regions in ways of infrastructure and population growth.

A special thanks again to the Roxby Downs and BHP community for welcoming us into their township and region, we look forward to many more years of this cricket contest.


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