The Safe Way To Buy Investment Properties


“From the first time we met Paul Douglas-Irving, we were impressed by both his professionalism and his genuine desire to help us achieve our goals.

He readily understood what we were trying to achieve and set a realistic plan to help us achieve it. Paul has been extremely helpful in many respects to us, particularly as we are inexperienced property investors. His advice extended beyond putting in place the ‘right deal’ – it extended to all aspects of the investment process from helping with finance approval to helping select property managers. He is a continual support to us in all aspects of our property investment and management.

We highly recommend him to prospective investors as someone who is trustworthy and will always put your interests first.”

Rob & Lynne Evers ( Mitcham, Vic )

AssetZ realises that not all property deals suit all investors. To allow us to create your very own tailored portfolio plan and match your next AssetZ approved property simply register your details below.


Why Invest In Property?

If you want to have a solid financial future then you need to start working towards it today. Too many Australians struggle financially because they don’t put enough attention on their financial health.

When it comes to money it’s easier to hide your head in the sand rather than do something about it and that’s why many Australians go through their lives with financial stress that only increases when they reach retirement age.

However with a little care and attention everyone’s financial situation can be improved.

Why You Should Plan For Your Financial Future Now

Studies have shown that most people live 3 months from bankruptcy. This means that if they lost their job or business income they would run out of money in just 3 months.

Everyone stops working at some age. You might want to raise a family, get laid off, want to retire or need to stop working for health reasons. We never know the cards we’re going to be dealt in life and it’s best to be prepared.

Building a property investment portfolio is the best way we know for building sustainable wealth for both now and the future.

Why Property Is A Great Investment

Property is an excellent way of building your wealth for a number of reasons. Unlike shares it’s actually backed by a physical asset and holds its value over the long term. While market corrections do happen we find that property prices tend to rise over the years and avoid the volatility of the share market.

It’s also a fairly simple investment vehicle to understand since most people buy their own home and are familiar with the process. There are also numerous strategies you can use and it’s important that these are tailored to your own individual needs.

But Becoming A Property Investor Isn’t Easy…

Research has shown that 97% of property investors own less than 3 properties with the large majority owning just 1. This is because the investment property is often bought incorrectly and ends up losing the investor money.

It takes experience and skill to become a successful property investor. And the best way to learn is from people who are already doing it.

“I am a self confessed novice at this investing idea but by listening, learning and being led by the two Paul’s I have now just purchased my 2nd investment property in 2 years. I started investing later in life (52) however at this rate I will be a self funded retiree by the time I’m 60 – it’s never to late to start.

They (AssetZ) make themselves acutely aware of your financial situation and set you up with what you can afford. You may think this is a little farfetched but I can actually see a pattern emerging and feel very comfortable about my future financial independence. I was shown how it all works, encouraged to take action and now have a plan that is working for me.”

Paul Humphries (Edwardstown, SA)

How AssetZ Can Help You Succeed With Property Investing

We are different to most traditional advisors in that we only make money when we help you make money. This means we only offer advice that works based on our experience as active property investors in the market. We’re out there doing property investing… not charging you to learn how to do it.

You can read more on the How We Work page to find out why we’re different and how we actually make money.

Or you can just schedule a chat right now. Simply register for your free Strategy Session to get to know us and find out more about how we can help based on your own individual situation.