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Assetz-Finance and LoansAssetZ Finance is more than a Mortgage Broker…

10 Questions 3D Cover with Button V4AssetZ Finance and Loans is more than a mortgage brokerage we are adamant about offering our clients an ongoing positive professional and personalized service, tailored to an approved and well thought-out strategy.

Why is Assetz a good choice for you? Because we…

  • Look at the long term needs of our clients, not just providing short term solutions
  •  Establish a relationship based on advice, not selling a product
  •  Exceed our client needs and expectations
  • Establish systems to ensure smooth and speedy process
  • Enthusiastic and provide a personal service
  • Keep you informed and involved throughout the process
  • Provide ongoing education, information and review


100% owned by AssetZ A- Z; AssetZ Finance and Loans clients enjoy access to a range of independent and impartial strategic partners for all areas of their financial needs and education. The formation of AssetZ Finance and Loans builds on The AssetZ A – Z purpose of being an “all-encompassing” financial management solution for investors.



“By forming AssetZ Finance and Loans we now have a continuity of service and can offer nationally recognized trusted brands, strong systems and programs all working towards our client’s futures. We see this as a positive and strategic enhancement and one that will build real value for our investors,” he adds. AssetZ CEO Paul Douglas-Irving says “property investors need a strategic plan that will see them through the duration of their investment, an end-to-end solution that starts at the pre-approval process and goes right through the management of the property once it is tenanted and beyond”. “The partnership between AssetZ  and AssetZ Finance will enable us to put investors in the best possible loan for their situation, our wealth division will find the right insurances to protect the client and their investment, and make sure the clients strategy stays true and achieves the best possible return,”

Reliable and Impartial advice Assetz is not owned or tied to any financial institution, meaning we do not favour any particular product provider. The Client always comes first It’s all about quality advice. We are committed to looking after our client’s interests.