Have you Figured out When You Want to Retire?

Have you Figured out When You Want to Retire?

Take this quick Self assessment questionnaire to gain clarity for your retirement.

1. Have I figured out when I’d like to retire?

2. Do I actually know how much income I’ll need in retirement?

3. Do I know if my current saving sand superannuation plan will get me there?

4. Do I know what kind of retirement I want?

5. Do I plan on retiring similarly to how I live today, do I plan on downsizing and living more modestly,

or am I planning on using retirement to live my dream?

6. How much do I currently have in my superannuation, savings and other assets?

7. Do I know where my super is today? Do I know what it’s investing in and how it’s performing?

8. Am I willing to take action today to improve my retirement outlook?

9. Do I know what changes I can make to better my situation for the future?

10. Do I know who I can and should talk to for help?

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