How We Work To Improve Your Financial Future

It’s no secret that most people are struggling financially these days. It just never seems like there’s enough money to achieve everything we want to do.
The scary part is what’s going to happen when people reach retirement age. We no longer have secure safety nets provided by the government or our employers.
Not to mention the instability in the current job market and how hard it is for businesses these days. When your life and the lives of your family rely on your active income it gets very scary when that income stops flowing.

What’s The Solution?

We believe everyone needs a stream of passive income coming in from investments. Passive income requires some maintenance but will come in whether you’re actively working or not. This ensures that you’ll have income in retirement or if something happens to your job or business.
Our recommendation for creating this passive income is property investing. We’ve both managed to achieve financial independence thanks to property and we believe it’s the best vehicle for the average Australian to do the same.
However we also realize property isn’t for everyone and are happy to refer you to other trusted investment professionals depending on your needs. At the end of the day it’s about helping you and the only way we succeed is by giving you good advice.

How Is AssetZ Different To Traditional Advice Providers?

Our aim is to empower you to take control of your financial future by helping you to become an experienced investor. We help you create a strategy that is unique to your situation and work with you to achieve it.
We work side-by-side to help you achieve your goals while answering all your questions along the way. Our aim is to educate you in investing so that you make the shift from student to independent investor.

We Don’t Sell Information Or Overpriced Training Products

We DON’T have a $10,000 coaching package to sell you. We DON’T have a $1,999 magical DVD course with 3 easy payments that will make you a property millionaire overnight either.
There is no hard sell and all information, figures and recommendations we provide are based on facts and solid fundamentals.
Everyone you receive advice from is a successful and active property investor so you know you’re dealing with people who are successful in the market and doing it right now.

So How Do We Make Money?

We only make money by helping you build your investment portfolio. By using our experience and network of connections we are able to secure better rates than the average investor.
So we make money by brokering deals between service providers and yourself. Since we want to help you do more deals we ensure that you are only recommended to use the very best people and rates we can find. Because if we can’t provide value for you then there’s no reason for you to use us.
You are perfectly welcome to take our advice and organize your own deals. However when you see what we can offer we think you’ll find it saves you time and money to work with us.

Want To Know More?

We do a complimentary Strategy Session so you can get to know us and we can find out a little about your situation. There is no obligation to work with us and there is never any obligation to take our advice whether you’re just starting out with us or have been investing with us for years.

To get started you basically have a friendly chat with someone who has already walked the path you’re about to start on. Someone who can help guide you through the difficulties of investing because they’ve been their themselves.

Arrange Your Free Strategy Session Today

Simply call 1300 AssetZ (277389) or drop us an email at and we’ll arrange your free Strategy Session.

We look forward to talking to you,
Paul Reid and Paul Douglas-Irving

Why You Need To Get In Touch Right Now

We know it’s easy to put off talking to us until next week, month or even year. Trying something new is always a little bit scary… especially when it comes to your finances.
The reality is that for your situation to change… you have to change what you’re doing.
Most people hit retirement age (or very close) before trying to sort this out and it’s simply too late.
The reality is that the sooner you start… the better your results.
Be proactive and get in touch today. We promise you won’t regret it.