It is all in the Research.

It is all in the Research.

 How do you Minimize Risk? Yes – Research and then Research More!!

Every Investment requires research and due diligence before a decision is made, we are not advocating procrastination but a degree of caution is always practical when dealing with your financial future.

Obviously the degree of research is based on the type of investment, not allot of research is required to choose a savings account a simple comparison of fees and benefits would suffice, however start chatting about International Shares, CFDs, Currency Trading and self managed super funds (SMSF) the level of research grows enormously.

The average investor doesn’t know where to start let alone determine the best choices, this is why so many potential investors don’t even begin and allow apathy to come between them and a bright – financially independent -future.

All products promoted by AssetZ either directly or through the strategic alliance group have been rolled over, pumped, squeezed and stretched, shaken and turned inside out. We are independent and impartial; we are not aligned or influenced by any financial or governing association this ensures that only the best advice and only the best products are offered to our client base.

In the case of real estate investment every property must meet AssetZ 57 point checklist prior to being considered as an investment vehicle. Once a property or area is identified as a possible, a series of site inspections, “hands on street” research is conducted to confirm the indicators.

Overriding all of this and before any recommendations can be made is the need to have a comfortable fit with the client’s overall investment strategy, expectations and needs. This is why AssetZ and the client must form a relationship to allow the free flow of ideas and results to occur.

Property assessments include considerable research in areas such as:-

  • Growth forecast – including growth drivers and underpinning fundamentals
  • Growth history – what is the property’s track record?
  • Rental – what rental income can you plan against?
  • Medium values
  • Demographics
  • Infrastructure
  • Employment
  • Government (state, local) plans for area
  • Site assessment
  • Area assessment – how do the neighborhood and location affect valuation?
  • Sale Comparisons – analyze property sales in the area
  • Construction assessment
  • Value assessment

The team at AssetZ are experience and practiced investors offering hands on practical advice.

If you want to pursue investment for your future contact a member of AssetZ for no nonsense discussion on how you can benefit from their experiences.

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