How would you like to use your Phone to…

  • Analyse property deals
  • Analyse your current property investment portfolio
  • See how new investments will affect your portfolio
  • Get answers to your questions from experienced property experts
  • Get offered deals that match your own investment criteria

The My Property Expert App allows you to do all of the above… all from your Android smartphone.

It was designed to help Australian property investors analyse their current property investment portfolio and overlay any future property investments to establish tax effectiveness, cash flows and future earnings.

My Property Expert has been designed by experienced property investors and property coaches from AssetZ to ensure that you can make an informed decision before purchasing your next property. We believe that informed property investment is a time proven strategy to help plan for a better retirement and give the user choices in their life.

We also strongly believe in our ethos of “Building Your Personalised Property Portfolio Backed with Lifetime Support by Someone Who has done it Before.”


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Here are the features of My Property Expert in more detail…

Ask a Question to a Property Expert

Send a property investment question to a property expert who has already built substantial wealth through property. This is a FREE service and is aimed to help property investors of all levels. All replies will be sent back to the email address listed during the registration process.

Property Analysis

With this feature you can quickly see the before and after tax cash flow position of a potential investment. You can also adjust the % of ownership and see the effect this has on the overall cash position. The Property Analysis feature will also give you the compounding asset growth which includes the capital growth (plus or minus the weekly cash flow) of the property.

My Property Expert will also forecast the potential property purchase over the next 20 years based on the variables entered and this can be sent to interested parties via email. You can also simply save and add the potential property to your existing Property Portfolio to see the overall effect.

Some of the key numbers used in the Property Analysis are as follows…

  • CPI increase of 2% pa
  • Rental increase of 6.5% pa
  • Capital growth increase of 7.2% pa
  • Cash Flow per week = (rent – interest PA – property expense + tax rebate)/52

Portfolio Analysis

The Portfolio Analysis feature gives the same summary as per the Property Analysis but combines all your investment properties together. It also allocates the correct % of ownership to you and your partner as indicated in the settings.

This gives you a before and after summary to see the value or cost to your portfolio of purchasing the new investment property summary. My Property Expert also projects the cash flow and capital growth for next 20 years and this can be sent via email if needed.

My Matching Properties

In this area you will find any properties that match the investment criteria that you have defined. Any matching properties can be sent to you via email as well so you have easy access to potential deals.

For example if you selected a property between $300,000 and $400,000 in NSW Regional with 4 Bedrooms these are the only properties that will be sent to you as a match.

You will also be able to see the details on the property such as façade, fixed price, why invest in the area, floor plan, and site plans. The Property Analysis is self generated for you as is the Portfolio Analysis with the matched property included in the calculations.

This makes it easier than ever before to discover and analyse new deals that match your exact investment criteria. If you’re interested in the property you can then request further details and arrange to have the property placed on hold while you conduct your due diligence.

This can be a very valuable tool for the time strapped investor who cannot finds it difficult to research and negotiate the best opportunities in their preferred marketplace. This alert function can be turned on and off as needed as well.

My Info

This is the home page where you can go back and change any of the information you first entered into the My Property Expert App when first registering. For example you can change your income, My Matching Properties selection criteria and so on.

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Never before has there been such a powerful tool available for Australian property investors… right on your SmartPhone.

The reality is that for your situation to change… you have to change what you’re doing. Most people hit retirement age (or very close) before trying to sort out their finances and it’s simply too late. The reality is that the sooner you start… the better your results.

Be proactive by using the My Property Expert App and taking advantage of the many features you have available. We’re also here to help you with any property investing education or advice so feel free to get in touch… we promise you won’t regret it.

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All information, pricing estimates and figures to any property listed in this application have been derived from sources available to the public including RP Data, Australian Property Monitors and the Australian Bureau of Statistics and are to be used as a guide only. Pricing outline estimates and payment schedules are possible scenarios based on variables not controlled by AssetZ Pty Ltd and because of this may vary. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this report, AssetZ Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein. Clients are encouraged to conduct their own investigations in conjunction with this report before deciding on purchasing properties. Build price shown in this report is quoted from the builder listed and may change before the building contract is signed. The property build price shown may be subject to soil tests and may not include any demolition, object removal, tree removal, rock removal, retaining walls, cut or land fill unless specified. Final build pricing and details are set out in the building contract. The build contract is provided upon receipt of the secure this property form, the purchaser is not obliged to sign or commit to the building contract.

The information provided in this application, Property Analysis and Portfolio Analysis is strictly for educational purposes only. It acts as a demonstration of the potential opportunities that exist for you. No attempt is made whatsoever to offer or replace legal or investment advice. You are advised to obtain such advice from competent professionals in their specialised fields. Neither My Property Expert nor AssetZ Pty Ltd assumes any responsibility whatsoever with respect to any use made by the recipient of any of the conceptual material provided in this Application.