Twelve Steps to Get Sh%^T Done

Twelve Steps to Get Sh%^T Done

1. Don’t let Sh%^T wear you down. Sometimes, life is a bitch. And that’s okay. Be resilient. Be courageous. Be the solution person, not the problem person. If you don’t manage your situation, it will manage you. Life doesn’t get better, you do.

2. Don’t say Sh%^T you’ll regret. You know: empty promises, insults, lies, marriage proposals. That shit will come back to bite you.  And besides, it makes you look like a dick.

3. Don’t start Sh%^T you won’t finish. Aren’t you tired of almost doing stuff? Either finish it or don’t start it. Talk less, intend less, promise less. Do more.

4. Stop doing the easy Sh%^T. If you’re serious about changing your reality, do what’s required. Not what’s easy!  Stop looking for the quick-fix.

5. Get your own Sh%^T together before you start pointing the finger. Or better yet, keep your

6. Don’t pretend Sh%^T isn’t happening. If you’re five or younger, pretending is fine, otherwise, it’s not. Step into reality, Princess.

7. Give a Sh%^T about things that matter. Other than you, that is. Don’t just say you care, show it. Be compassionate, be proactive, be thoughtful, be aware, be the change.

8. Don’t ask Sh%^T questions. Some people ask questions (why does my life suck so much?) which indicate that they’re more interested in sympathy and pity than they are any kind of practical solution. Better questions produce better reactions, choices, behaviors and results. Smart people ask smart

9. Stop looking for your identity in superficial Sh%^T. You are not a bank balance, a nose job, a pair of shoes, a brand or an opinion. Healthy self-esteem works from the inside-out, not the other way around. You’re good enough all by yourself.

10. Figure Sh%^T out for yourself. It’s great to learn from and to be influenced by other people (sometimes) but it’s not great to be determined by them. Ever. Be your own person, learn your own truth, and think for yourself. Choose your own values, standards and rules. Being a clone of – or puppet for – somebody else is not being you at all.

11. Don’t complicate Sh%^T. More often than not, the change process is relatively simple. Not always easy, but simple. Eat less, move more, spend less, say sorry, listen more, get off the couch, do new things, stop giving up. It’s you and me that complicate the shit out of things.

12. Do some scary Sh%^T. Nothing is more empowering, liberating or confidence-building than facing your fears and doing what success demands. Being periodically fearful is normal, healthy, even. Being controlled by fear is life-destroying.

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